Prism Post LLC is an NYC based media production company that creates specialized content for the Medical Communications and Continuing Medical Education industries. In today's digital world, efficient and high quality media solutions can be an invaluable asset to communications firms. By leveraging a spectrum of creative and technical services, we offer a variety of products including video modules and podcasts of clinical research, videography of subject matter experts, and graphics animation of biochemical and anatomical activity.

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Products and Communication Tools

Our media assets are useful in communicating:

  • mechanism of drug action
  • medical device function
  • medical education
  • branding messages

Our productions can be used to:

  • promote a new product
  • develop CME content
  • train professionals and employees
  • educate patients
  • enhance brand awareness


Our Services Include:


- Prism offers audio production services including voiceover recording, sound design, stereo and 5.1 mixing and encoding for the full range of digital formats. Our studio is comprised of soundproofed recording rooms and control rooms. We use industry standard digital audio tools that can be used to enhance poorly recorded audio taken from conferences or other locations, or to master audio for final delivery. We believe that clear audio is instrumental to effective communication.


- Our facility features video production suites where we produce recorded interviews, product videos, and green screen videography. We additionally provide off-site video production, video editing, encoding, color correction, transfers, dubbing, DVD and blu-ray authoring.

Motion Graphics

- Prism develops 2D and 3D motion graphics to enhance promotional content, illustrate Mechanisms of Action and convey clinical concepts. For projects requiring enhanced attention to this component of production, our in-house team partners with 3DNA Medical ( another visual FX company that focuses on the needs of the healthcare industry.


We understand that developing specialized content for healthcare requires advanced knowledge, and as such, we retain a network of medical and scientific professionals who serve as consultants for our creative team. These experts include MDs and PhDs, including a former Principal Scientist/Global Scientific Liaison for Pfizer. They help us merge our production capabilities with years of experience ranging from hospice care to pharmacological research. Their insight helps us deliver scientifically sound information that adheres to fair balance and other regulatory parameters.

Ashok Naraian PhD

Over a period of two decades, Dr. Naraian has coordinated the preparation and negotiation of multimillion dollar External Contracts including Global Confidentiality and Technology Agreements for specialized pre-clinical efficacy testing in-vivo, as well as the acquisition of intermediates for the preparation of APIs strategic technology acquisition of small molecules, proteins, cell lines, viruses and assay methods as well as the submission of FDA documents with therapeutic area scientists. Managed the Grant programs directed at basic research in cancer.

In inflammatory disease research and development, he was also engaged in the early discovery, development, synthetic process validation support, Technology Transfer, and Analytical Development for cGMP manufacture including NDA and CMC documentation. Several Patents were granted in the area and additional patents are pending.

Dr. Roshni Ghosh (MD, MPH):

Dr. Ghosh is a physician, freelance medical writer, and healthcare consultant with over ten years of professional experience. As a medical writer she has created content across all therapeutic areas including needs assessments, powerpoint presentations for video productions, symposiums, brochures, surveys, pre and post test questions, and behavior analysis questions. Other work has included being the medical director coordinating videography and presentations at symposia and conferences. She holds an MD from the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, and an MPH from Columbia University. Specific areas of work with associated pharmaceuticals include:

  • Cardiovascular disease - Numerous drugs
  • Diabetes - linagliptin, januvia
  • Obesity - vivus
  • Multiple myeloma: lenalidomide
  • Short acting anesthetics : landiolol
  • Prostate Cancer: Bisphosphonate
  • Breast cancer - Bisphosphonate, third- generation aromatase inhibitors
  • Ovarian cancer : Her 2 neu and other epidermal growth factor receptors
  • Glioblastoma : Bevacizumab
  • Non small cell lung carcinoma - Many different pharma - multimodal
  • Bone Metastasis: Bisphosphonate
  • Post Operative Ileus: Alvimopan, Entereg
  • Colon Cancer: third-generation aromatase inhibitors
  • MRSA: Post surgical setting
  • Hernia Repair - no drugs
  • Bipolar Disease: olanzapine, risperidone, quetiapine, ziprasidone and aripiprazole
  • Osteoporosis : Alendronate
  • Hypertension : Management for FP
  • HIV and other infectious diseases: viread
  • Vaccinations - preventative - meningococcal
  • Ocular conditions (macular degeneration): Lucentis (ranibizumab);


Prism Post LLC.
112 West 27th Street, 7th Floor
New York, NY, 10001

Phone: (646) 504-0480


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